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2021-04-22: Someone’s 13.

2021-01-07: What happened yesterday is a national disgrace for which the ramifications will be felt for years. …

2020-12-27: This much is clear. The Giants aren’t going to win under Dave Gettleman. 🏈

2020-12-24: It’s time for It’s a Wonderful Life.

2020-12-18: Luke Skywalker!!

2020-12-13: Giants come back down to earth. Daniel Jones was absolutely terrible.

2020-12-06: Giants win!

2020-11-28: Ahsoka Tano in The Mandalorian was amazing!






2020-08-13: Fortnite’s Nineteen Eighty-Fortnite livestream on YouTube is pretty funny.


2020-05-12: He’s gone Originally posted on 5/12/2016: I share this for my Mom, RIP. It was 10 years ago tonight, an hour …

2020-04-23: NFL Draft time!!


2020-03-20: Choose A or B.

2020-03-12: Wilson!!



2020-02-28: Lukey breaking it down.


2020-02-11: Miss you little brother. #41

2020-02-02: This has been long deserved for Andy Reid. #SuperBowl


2020-01-19: This should be a good Super Bowl. #Chiefs #Niners


2019-12-02: Testing the Brydge Pro keyboard for iPad Pro 12.9 (Black Friday deal). It’s amazing so far! This and …

2019-11-30: My leaf helper.




2019-11-12: The Mandalorian is an epic win!

2019-11-04: The Giants need to go back to these 80’s helmets.

2019-11-03: Adam Gase shouldn’t be allowed on the plane back to NY.


2019-10-21: Taking one last look sir… at my friends

2019-10-12: Yankees!!


2019-09-29: Daniel Jones > Dwayne Haskins.


2019-09-22: Daniel Jones!!!! 🏈

2019-09-17: The Eli Manning era is over. They finallly hand the ball to Daniel Jones.

2019-09-17: I love Eli Manning. But it’s time that the NY Giants franchise start building for the future. Start …

2019-09-16: Apple Arcade is here.

2019-09-15: It is absolutely imperative that Daniel Jones starts for the N.Y. Giants. This is a bad team with no …

2019-09-13: Down 95lbs. 💪

2019-09-13: Went with iPhone 11 Pro, 256 GB, Silver.

2019-09-10: I’m in the iPhone Upgrade program and have the iPhone XS Max. Seriously considering only upgrading …


2019-09-08: Let’s go Giants!!! TD!!! 🏈

2019-09-08: Time for some NFL Redzone goodness!

2019-09-07: Time to see IT Chapter 2.

2019-08-29: Finally installed the public iOS 13 beta on iPhone and iPad. So far so good.

2019-08-26: New trailer for the The Rise Of Skywalker!

2019-08-26: 6th grader!!

2019-08-26: High Schooler!!!

2019-08-26: 2nd grader!

2019-08-24: Wow! Andrew Luck is retiring!


2019-08-24: Wow! The Mandalorian looks awesome!

2019-08-23: Another great performance by Daniel Jones. The future is here N.Y. Giants. Just start the the kid.



2019-08-09: Great start for Daniel Jones!








2019-08-01: I agree. Daniel Jones would not have made it to 17. And he was high on many draft boards.

2019-07-28: First drive-in movie!


2019-07-25: Someone got 2 teeth pulled today!

2019-07-25: “Mueller’s testimony yesterday highlighted the connection between obstruction and collusion. When he …

2019-07-19: Down 90 lbs. 💪

2019-07-19: Someone has a fever, but has company.

2019-07-17: Lukey Luke!!!




2019-06-23: Happy 14th Birthday Jack!


2019-06-15: Daniel Jones is legit. He will prove the skeptics wrong.

2019-06-14: Teamwork

2019-06-06: Rising 9th grader!

2019-06-05: Jack heading to his first formal!

2019-06-05: Noah’s 5th Grade Graduation

2019-06-04: Officially down 80 lbs. 💪

2019-06-03: I’m really loving my decision to get an iPad Pro instead of MacBook Air. #WWDC19


2019-05-12: He’s Gone Originally posted on 5/12/2016: I share this for my Mom, RIP. It was 10 years ago tonight, an hour …


2019-05-12: So this happened last night. My little boy is becoming a young man.

2019-05-10: Time to see Avengers End Game… a second time.

2019-05-05: Champions! #MyrtleBeach 🏀

2019-05-04: From the foul line. #MyrtleBeach 🏀


2019-04-29: For all the bagging on the N.Y. Giants for reaching for Daniel Jones at #6, they weren’t necessarily …

2019-04-28: Endgame was fantastic!!

2019-04-28: I understand the media narrative hates the Daniel Jones pick at #6 by the N.Y. Giants. But it does …

2019-04-28: End Game. Today. 4:15pm.

2019-04-25: Holy hell! The Giants take Daniel Jones at #6! 🏈

2019-04-25: Man the NFL Draft can’t come soon enough tonight! I’m hoping the Giants take a QB in the 1st round! …

2019-04-24: Karate Kid shenanigans.


2019-04-23: Cobra Kai Season 2 tomorrow!

2019-04-23: Let’s jump!


2019-04-14: Almost couldn’t convince him to get a picture with the bunny this year.

2019-04-12: The Rise of Skywalker is here!! 😮

2019-04-05: #99 scores

2019-04-04: The NFL Draft can’t come soon enough. Hoping my Giants do something at QB. 🏈

2019-04-02: So this is happening. #snow

2019-04-02: One week later, and I’m still loving the new 12.9 inch iPad Pro. It has replaced my laptop.

2019-03-24: Finally replaced my 2013 MacBook Air. Over the last few weeks I have bounced between trying the 2018 …

2019-03-12: The time to trade OBJ was last year, before they signed him to the extension. Gettleman has some …

2019-03-12: Holy hell!! The Giants traded OBJ!

2019-03-01: Book character day.


2019-02-11: Hard to believe he’d be 40.


2019-01-20: Bill Belichick. #GOAT 🏈

2019-01-13: Noah puts up 20 points for Opa!


2018-12-25: Old school Tecmo Bowl.


2018-12-22: Officially down 70 lbs!


2018-12-20: Boom.


2018-12-10: Little League baseball team at 9 years old. Front row, 3rd from left.

2018-12-08: R.I.P.

2018-12-07: Avengers 4: End Game Trailer is finally here!




2018-11-21: First squad win!




2018-10-31: It’s Halloween!!


2018-10-24: Yeah baby!!

2018-10-19: So far Daredevil season 3 is pretty awesome.

2018-10-09: This is part of my birthday card from Luke. I always call him my buddy. I even have a post on FB …

2018-10-08: Myrtle Beach Tournament Champion!



2018-09-25: I love the NFL Redzone on PS Vue. But I may go back to YouTube TV (and Philo). The YouTube TV …

2018-09-24: I’m loving the new Apple Watch! The Sport Loop band is exteremely comfortable, and the Siri …

2018-09-21:  Out for delivery!

2018-09-18: Captain Marvel trailer finally here!

2018-09-17: I need to take the iOS 12 Shortcuts App for a spin later.

2018-09-16: Man I love the NFL Redzone channel. #PSVue

2018-09-15: I have been checking out PlayStation Vue (Core + Sports Pack) with the $10 discount. While I love …

2018-09-14:  Pre-order successful!

2018-09-13: I’m upgrading from the iPhone X to the iPhone Xs Max. But also considering getting an Apple Watch …

2018-09-12: Welp, say goodbye to Inbox by Gmail.

2018-09-12: Ok, iPhone Xs Max or wait for the Google Pixel 3 XL?

2018-09-12: iPhone XS Max? 

2018-09-12: So a new iPhone X will be annouced today. For the first time, I may wait until I see the Googel …

2018-09-09: Spectacular 68 yard TD run by Saquon Barkley.

2018-09-03: 18 years.

2018-09-03: I was definitley a little surpirsed the Giants waived Davis Webb. But it makes sense that the young …

2018-09-03: Sunlit 2.2 is out. Looking great!

2018-08-27: On to 8th grade.

2018-08-27: First day of school.

2018-08-26: Fantasy football draft time.

2018-08-19: Pushing closer to cutting the cord. Trying out both YouTube TV and Directv Now. So far I’m really …

2018-08-17: So if I’m casting YouTube TV from the iOS app (with Chromecast), and close the app, does the cast …


2018-08-15: Thinking of finally cutting the cord and cancelling DirectTV. I am going to give YouTube TV a try.



2018-07-21: Time to see Ant-Man and The Wasp.

2018-07-20: Star Wars: The Clone Wars returns!!

2018-07-15: Zip line at the U.S. National Whitewater Center.

2018-07-13: The new Fortnite motion controls on the Nintendo Switch are not as fluid as they are in Splatoon 2.



2018-06-05: The Talk Show Live From WWDC 2018

2018-06-04: Ok, time to listen to the WWDC 2018 live keynote.

2018-05-13: R.I.P. - 12/04/2014

2018-05-12: He's gone Originally posted on Facebook, 5/12/2016: I share this for my Mom, RIP. It was 10 years ago tonight, …

2018-05-06: Someone turned 6 Cake! Party time

2018-04-26: Ok, I’m all in on Saquon Barkley. In DG I believe.

2018-04-26: NFL Draft!! Giants take Darnold or Barkley at 2.

2018-04-12: The Joker finally arrived on Gotham, and it was glorious!

2018-04-09: The old man did it!

2018-04-04: Opa and my oldest.



2018-04-01: My boys.

2018-03-30: Fortnite on iOS is subpar. Lets hope it comes to the Nintendo Switch for a better mobile experience.

2018-03-28: It’s Lebron time.

2018-03-17: The N.Y. Giants can’t trade out of the top 5. Period. 🏈

2018-03-09: Noah’s Greek Performace Way to go!

2018-03-07: Giants trade for Rams LB Alec Ogletree. Gettleman making moves. 🏈

2018-03-03: Someone’s cold.

2018-02-18: Waxhaw 9U Basketball Champions

2018-02-16: Finally switched over to FastMail.

2018-02-12: Happy Birthday baby brother. #RIP #39

2018-02-06: So McDaniels spurns the Colts the night before his introduction press conference and stays with the …

2018-02-04: The Patriots and Patricia got punked on that 4th and goal by the Eagles. And you know what? Nick …

2018-02-03: Another game winning shot for Noah with 2 seconds left! 🏀

2018-02-02: Watching The Helmet Catch on the NFL Network. I love that it’s still haunting Patriots fans to …

2018-01-31: 'The Two Bills' I can’t wait to watch this!

2018-01-29: Tough loss for Noah today and his 9U basketball 🏀 team. It was the first loss of the season. Still …

2018-01-26: Shurmur nailed the press conference. Go Giants! 🏈





2018-01-22: Feedbin is down.

2018-01-22: It’s official. 🏈

2018-01-21: Brothers

2018-01-20: Breakaway! 🏀


2018-01-17: Snow day. ❄️

2018-01-15: So news is breaking that Pat Shurmur is expected to be the next coach of the N.Y. Giants. And …

2018-01-14: What an unbelievable ending to the Vikings and Saints game! Nice to see Vikings fans have some luck …

2018-01-14: I’d like to see the #Jaguars pull this out over the #Steelers and see what their defense can do …

2018-01-14: Now that took guts going for it on 4th and goal. #Steelers #Jaguars 🏈

2018-01-09: N.Y. Giants interviewed Steve Wilks today but let him leave the building. That tells me their top …

2018-01-05: Bring Bill Belichick back to the N.Y. Giants! #BB2NYG. 🏈

2018-01-01: Upon a second viewing of The Last Jedi, it struck me that Rey saves Luke.

2017-12-31: N.Y. Giants GM Dave Gettleman is already starting to “kick ass”. 🏈

2017-12-29: Just watched the N.Y. Giants Dave Gettleman introductory press conference. I am impressed. 🏈

2017-12-28: So the N.Y. Giants hired Dave Gettleman as the new GM. Is Steve Wilks far behind? 🏈



2017-12-27: Finally! Davis Webb will be active and backup Eli Manning for NY Giants last game. Lets see if the …


2017-12-24: The Giants were down 23-0 in the 4th quarter. I don’t understand why Webb is not active for this …

2017-12-24: Christmas carolers in the neighborhood tonight.

2017-12-24: Time for Christmas.


2017-12-21: I don't know, but I'm really liking a Riddick/McDaniels combo for the NY Giants new GM/Coach. 🏈

2017-12-19: I need to see The Last Jedi a 2nd time. I’m still not sure what I think about it.

2017-12-17: The Last Jedi. Holy shit!

2017-12-16: Rewatching The Force Awakens before seeing The Last Jedi tomorrow.

2017-12-16: Tight game today that went into overtime. After a great steal by a teammate, Noah put up the winning …

2017-12-15: Can’t wait for Sunday, 1:15pm! #TheLastJedi


2017-12-10: It’s time for the Giants to give Davis Webb some playing time. Lets start by activating him for next …

2017-12-09: So I wake up and the Yankees have traded for Giancarlo Stanton! Stanton, Judge and Sanchez together …

2017-12-08: Testing MarsEdit 4.

2017-12-05: 12/04/2014 - Miss you.

2017-12-04: Mcadoo fired, along with Reese. NY Giants have to get this right. 🏈

2017-12-03: Giants lose. Question now is does Mcadoo even make flight back with team?


2017-12-02: #First Basketball Game 🏀

2017-12-01: 2003 ALCS Game 7 Boone Walk-Off HR

2017-12-01: Wow! Aaron Boone to become next Yankees manager.…

2017-12-01: Eli Manning is a class act.…



2017-11-28: Holy smokes, Eli Manninng benched. 🏈…

2017-11-26: Hello World!